Honey Bee School

Rowse – the famous honey peeps – joined up with teachers to produce a series of fun-with-a-purpose resources to entertain and educate children at Key Stage 1.

16 veg-inspired handcrafted finds

Sunday morning means, browsing the Internet time! Here are some vegetable delights I found today on craft site Etsy. Share your veg- inspired finds in the comments below!

My Mini Indoor Greenhouse

I love my mini indoor greenhouse, which has so far been great for starting off seeds. It’s easy to build, does the job, and looks good, too – all for just £12.

Building a Chilli Farm at Home

This year, I have never eaten so many chillies in my life! I’m throwing chillies in to nearly everything I cook. I can’t seem to get enough of them, so it made sense… Continue reading

Video… Save the Bees and Dance!

Bee-themed dance videos that were definitely created with fun for a purpose. A brilliant way to get people engaged with the plight of bees. Stand up and get down for the bees!

My First Courgette Plant!

This year in my tiny garden I am growing courgettes (zucchini) for the first time. One solitary seedling was planted in mid May and this is what it looks like today.

Do You Cook ‘Britain’s Best Dish’?

Do you cook Britain’s best dish? The team behind the ITV show Britain’s Best Dish is currently looking for applicants! If you have a passion for cooking why not give it a go?

Even Crafters Like Vegetables

One of my favourite websites to browse is the UK crafter’s market, Folksy. Recently I discovered that numerous Folksy crafters have taken on the humble theme of vegetables. Here are some of my favourite veggie crafts.

Vegging Out’s Easter Weekend Guide

Vegging Out’s first food and garden-themed Weekend Guide with ideas of what to eat, what to plant, what to make and where to go this weekend. Happy Easter to all!

VIDEO… Bees Dance When They Find Nectar

When bees find a good source of nectar they return to the hive and perform a unique dance for their hive mates . . . This fun video has a serious message at the end.