Beetroot Juice – a Drink That’s Good for the Blood

Beetroot JuiceI am more than half way through my veg box week and there’s much more than half the veg still left. I think it takes a little time to get used to changing the way you eat.

Beetroot Juice

The raw beetroot was always destined for the juicer, so I grab a few more ingredients – 2 carrots, 3 apples, 2 inches of ginger and a lemon – and get to it.

Because the veg box ingredients are organic, they don’t need to be peeled or topped and tailed when you juice them. This is good because a lot of the nutrients can be found in the skin and by using organic you can make sure you’re getting them all.

On the other hand, the skin of non-organic produce can collect pesticides and other chemicals that are used in their farming, which is why it’s best to peel and slice it off.

After a bit of chopping, the juice is ready in a whizz and has a fantastic deep rich colour. It tastes sweet with a lemon and ginger spice after-kick. Very nice.

Beetroot – the Blood Improver

Again, this recipe is mostly the result of searching the internet, but I turn to my favourite juice book, Super Juice by Michael Van Straten to find out more about the ingredients.

According to this book, beetroot has long been seen as a blood improver and in parts of Eastern Europe it is even used in the treatment for leukemia. This could be in part because beetroot is a useful source of bioavailable iron and contains folic acid, both of which are good for the blood. It has also been shown to increase the uptake of oxygen in the cells.

Beetroot and Blood Pressure

Beetroot is not only good for those who are in need of a tonic for the blood it is also good for those with high blood pressure. An article in the magazine eFood reports that researchers at Barts and The London School of Medicine have discovered that drinking just 500ml of beetroot juice a day can significantly reduce blood pressure.

As I glug it down, I can almost feel the excitement in my blood, which can’t wait to absorb all those nutrients. I could definitely do with more of this.

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