Beetroot Soup and Beetroot Nutrients

BeetrootBeetroot is one of those veggies I’ve always eyed with suspicion so, rather than having it staring at me all week, I thought my pack of cooked beetroot should be the next on the chopping block. After searching for ideas, I decided that a beetroot soup was in order.

Basic Beetroot Soup

I took one of the onions, cut it up and sweated it in some butter. Then I added all the beetroot (it was a packet of 4 small cooked beets) and simmered the ingredients in a pint of vegetable stock. All that was left to do was to whizz it up with my hand blender. After pouring into a bowl, I added a dollop of crème fraîche and a sprinkling of fresh chopped chives.

I like making soups and I can confidently say that this is the worst one I’ve ever tried – I just don’t like the taste of cooked beetroot! Bleugh! Half way through eating it I gave up. I tried to persevere as I know beetroot is a ‘superfood’, but it just couldn’t be done.

Beetroot Nutrition

Beetroot (according to The World’s Healthiest Foods website) is a great source of (in descending order): • Folic acid • Manganese • Potassium • Fibre • Vitamin C • Magnesium • Tryptophan • Iron • Copper • Phosphorus. You can find the complete nutritional profile for beets here.

Next time beetroot turns up in the box, I hope it’s raw. Raw beetroot is great juiced – lovely and sweet. (UPDATE: My beetroot juice is here.)

With my next box due to arrive in a couple of days, I took a stock take of Box 1. The remaining potatoes were destined to be mashed and I could fry the last two onions and mix them in. I fancied this with a couple of fried eggs on top. All the carrots had been dunked in houmous and I’d started the garlic. This left the rest of the garlic, 1/2 the celeriac and the red cabbage. What am I going to do with a whole red cabbage?! I’ve only ever known it pickled before and I can’t find any recipes that get my tastebuds going.


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