What is the Cabbage Soup Diet?

Fresh, homemade cabbage soup is surprisingly tasty. Having come to this conclusion I decide to find out what is involved in the fashionable cabbage soup diet and discover what the fuss is all about . . .

My Cabbage Soup

I enjoyed my cabbage soup last week so I thought I’d make another. I saved a few cabbage leaves to use later in the week and shredded the rest for the soup. From my veg box I also used two small onions and some garlic. Routing around the fridge I find the remains of a pot of ricotta and my box of bean sprouts, and sprinkle both on top.

Whilst I do like my cabbage soup, I don’t think I could stomach the Cabbage Soup Diet – I think you can only have so much – but I’ve always wondered what it entailed. So . . .

What is the Cabbage Soup Diet?

Looking at various postings on the internet, I’ve pieced together a general consensus on this cabbage diet, which is said to help you lose 10–15 pounds in one week (can it really?).

The basis of this diet is obviously cabbage soup, of which you need to eat two bowls a day (clearly without the added salt and cheese). As well as this you also eat the foods below.

Day 1 – Unlimited fruit except bananas.
Day 2 – Jacket potato with butter and unlimited veg, except sweetcorn, beans and peas.
Day 3 – Your choice of fruit and veg, with the above exceptions.
Day 4 – Up to 8 bananas and 2 glasses of skimmed milk.
Day 5 – 10–20 ounces of beef, chicken or fish, 6 tomatoes and at least 6 glasses of water.
Day 6 – 10–20 ounces of beef, chicken or fish and unlimited veg.
Day 7 – 2 cups of brown rice, fruit juice and unlimited veg.

For drinks you can choose from water, cranberry juice, unsweetened fruit and herbal teas, and black coffee. But . . . because this diet is so low in protein and complex carbohydrates it is designed to be followed for one week only.

I don’t think I’ll be following it. That’s 14 bowls of cabbage soup in one week! One or two bowls a week is enough for me.

The Cabbage Soup Diet Poll

If you have tried the cabbage diet, I’d love to know how you got on.

Find some yummy cabbage soup recipe ideas.

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