Brussels Sprouts and Bean Sprout Bubble and Squeak

I’ve tried the bean sprouts hot, so now it’s time to try them cold. When I fancy a snack, I grab a handful and discover that they are quite tasty this way, too, but they’re not something you can eat loads of in one sitting.

In the evening I decide to serve more of the bean sprouts with a bubble and squeak, which will use up my greens. When I go to the fridge I find that the leaves are more yellow than green and actually, they’re not greens at all – hiding in the middle are brussel sprouts!

There’s only about nine very small brussels on the plant so I pull these off and bulk up the cabbage element of the bubble and squeak with the rest of the red cabbage. I mash up some potatoes and fry an onion then stir it all together with a beaten egg.

I push the mixture into a frying pan that has been heating some oil. After 15 to 20 minutes the bottom is golden brown and it’s ready to eat. I garnish my squeak with a handful of bean sprouts and that’s one whole box now gone.

This is my first bubble and squeak, and even with my odd ingredients, it is really nice. OK, the red cabbage did leach its colour a bit but it tasted fine.

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