Bendy Celery and Chocolate Beetroot Cake

Celery Juice

Celery, apple and garlic juice

The celery is bendable, it isn’t the crunchiest and the weather’s a little too cold for salad, so I decide that this bunch is destined for the juicer. Half a bunch of celery, three apples and two cloves of garlic later I have a juice that may look like a urine sample but tastes a whole lot better! I love garlic and the mixture of celery, apple and garlic is seriously good. Now I’ve worked out what to do with the celery, I rummage out that pack of cooked beetroot.

Beetroot in a chocolate cake?!

I still have a problem with cooked beetroot! I feel the trick is to find a recipe that disguises the texture and taste as much as possible. The result of my search is a chocolate cake, fancy that! Put ‘chocolate beetroot cake’ into any search engine and numerous variations of this recipe will come up. This is the recipe I tried, but there are several more chocolate beetroot cake recipes on the same site so have a look around.

The result of my endeavours is a lovely smooth, basic chocolate cake with a slightly crunchy top – mmm. It’s not the sweetest chocolate cake I’ve ever tried but it has a good homemade taste. It would definitely be better swathed in chocolate icing of some sort or served with warm custard or hot chocolate sauce! Oh, and if you wondered, it doesn’t taste of beetroot at all, but it’s nice knowing that there’s more nutrients in this than in your average chocolate cake.
Beetroot Cake

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