My First Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke • Bean sprouts • Carrots • Cooked beetroot • Greens
• Jerusalem artichoke • Onions • Potatoes • Broccoli

It’s veg box morning and I’m pleased to see a box of bean sprouts among the contents. Since my veg box scheme started I’ve got used to adding them to anything and everything, and now I’d miss them if they weren’t there. But hang on . . . what’s this?

I take a photo of the strange knobbly thing in my box and email it to my mum who tells me it’s a Jerusalem artichoke. OK, new one on me! I guess I just treat it like any other root veg.

Also in the box for the first time this year is broccoli. Yay, I love broccoli. The only problem is that, because there hasn’t been any broccoli up until now, I bought some yesterday. So now I have three heads to use up in a week. The broccoli in the box is a little on the soft side, too, so I should think of something to do with them fast. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t know what you’re going to get.

Veg Box 4


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