Veg Box Review – January


My veg box is delivered by the milkman and is left on my doorstep early on a Saturday morning. The veg arrives in a closed cardboard box, which I then put in my recycling. Some of the green veg has come in plastic bags, which I’m not too keen on, but mostly the loose veg has come in brown paper bags.


The veg arrives pretty much in its natural state, not cut and squished into plastic with the air drawn out like in the supermarket. This veg also arrives with some of the mud still on, which I think is great. I love that earthy, just-out of-the-ground smell and it only takes a matter of seconds to wash off. Because it is not destined for the supermarket shelf, veg-box veg has the freedom to look a little different! It may be slightly larger or smaller, have a funny shape or sport splits or pits, but who cares? They grow how they grow – that’s the way it’s supposed to be. And there’s all the benefits of being organic, too, no pesky pesticides.


• Jerusalem artichoke • Mixed bean sprouts • Cooked beetroot • Raw beetroot • Brussel tops • Cabbage • Red Cabbage • Carrots • Celeriac • Celery • Garlic • Greens • Onions • Parsnips • Yellow pepper • Potatoes • Red-skinned potatoes • Turnips


This is definitely a great way to improve your diet. Along with the normal staples each week I’ve eaten things I never would have bought, I’ve liked things I thought I hated, and tried a few new things, too. By having a veg box, I’ve also eaten more colour than before and am starting to ‘eat a rainbow’. Different coloured veg have different vitamins and minerals in them so this is a good thing to try to do. All in all, my diet is having a bit of a shake up and that can only be a good thing.


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