Experimenting with Brussel Tops

I’ve already discovered that the brussels on the brussel tops are really lovely, but I haven’t thought about eating the leafy tops before now. The brussels are sweeter, more tender and softer than any sprouts I’ve tasted before – very nice. They seem to hold their freshness for longer, too, as they are still attached to their stem.

But back to those leaves . . .

I think this is the third time I’ve had brussel tops in my veg box, but the leaves on the last two were so pocked and yellow it didn’t occur to me that you could eat them. Since I learnt that they’re edible I’ve been searching for info on what to do and haven’t come up with too many answers. I guess you just experiment! They must be pretty much like any other sort of greens.

Someone told me to steam brussel tops for a bit then slice them up and fry them in a little butter. However, I chose to try mine for the first time in a stir fry. I ate that stir a little while ago and I’m still alive – I don’t even have a stomach ache! The leaves had a subtle taste of brussel sprout with a slightly bitter edge, but not unpleasant. They weren’t particularly distinctive – cabbage and kale have a much stronger taste.

The next time I get brussel tops I think I will save all the decent-looking leaves and just mix them in with any other greens I’ve got.

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One thought on “Experimenting with Brussel Tops

  1. Hi there , years ago we used to eat Brussel tops the same was you would spring greens, broccoli, curly kale, and cabbage, as an accompaniment to a meal. My mum used to boil them in salted water until tender as you would any other greens. These weren’t just the tops from sprouts that we grew, but you could easily buy Brussel tops in the supermarkets in bags as you do spring greens, and they were readily available on market stalls. We grow our own now and as i have explained to my eldest daughter they are one of the best things to eat for boosting your vitamin consumption if you suffer from mouths ulcers as she does, as are all leafy greens ! We started growing our own as i noticed then you cant buy them anymore – i suppose its due to the disposable society we seem to live in nowadays, those brussel tops seem to be the bits that get thrown out, its such a shame cos those bits are the best bits !!!!!!!! lol, just not very fashinable for eating !!!, next time you have some , just boil them in the salted water and give em a go !
    angie x x x

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