Carrot and Pineapple Juice

Carrot and pineapple juiceI’ve always loved raw carrots, but even I’m a bit carrotted out. This is the seventh week of having a veg box and each week there has been 500g of carrots to munch through. Faced with another bag of carrots, I decide to get the juicer out.

Carrot juice is really sweet, especially if the carrots are fresh – you can really taste the difference if they’re old. Once the carrots are juiced you should drink it quite soon because it will quickly go off, turn a bit brown and get a bit fizzy.

Carrot Juice Recipes

After browsing recipes I come across a combination I haven’t thought of before – carrots with pineapple. Sounds good. I don’t have a fresh pineapple but I do have a small tin of chunks in the cupboard.

I juice the pineapple chunks with a whole batch of carrots (500g – approximately 6 normal-sized carrots). What a fantastic colour this juice is! It smells and tastes good, too. It’s a lot like mangos, but it’s a whole lot cheaper than mango juice.

If you’re juicing non-organic carrots remember to peel them and cut their tops and bottoms off.

The inspiration for this juice came from this carrot-filled site. There are over 20 carrot-and-fruit juices and 10 carrot-and-veg juices to choose from. It’s a carrot-lover’s paradise.

Nutrients in the Juice:

• Carotenoids • Folic acid • Magnesium
• Potassium • Vitamin A • Vitamin C
• Enzymes, including bromelain

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