Country Life/Dairy Crest

If you are looking for veg box suppliers you’ll find an ever-increasing range of companies to choose from. My box carries the Country Life brand – you know, the British butter people with the TV ad where the birds, rabbits, hedgehogs and squirrels rush unnoticed through a kitchen window to clean up while a lady savours her buttered toast. (The newest ads feature the great John Lydon.)

Anyway, Country Life is one of Dairy Crest’s brands (the milk people), which is how we get the link to the milkman. I think that having milkmen deliver the boxes is a great idea, especially as they were at risk of becoming an endangered species as more and more of us get our milk from shops.

As I understand it, the veg is sourced through farms under a company called Country Farm Produce (at least, their name is printed on the side of the box). Country Farm Produce has been licenced by the Soil Association and their veg boxes carry the Organic Standard mark. (You can read more about the Organic Standard mark in my ‘The Soil Association’ post.)

The website is not the easiest to navigate so here’s how you get to the relevant page. First click this link then put your post code in the ‘Can We Deliver’ box on the left to see if there are deliveries in your area. Then click the ‘Organic’ section to see all their organic ranges which include the fruit and veg boxes.

There is a range of boxes to choose from, including: • Vegetable box • Salad box • Fruit box • Mixed box • Small mixed box. Currently the prices range from £8.00 to £14.50. The boxes I get are priced at £11.50.

One of the good things about this scheme is that, if you know you are going to be away, you can call them and ask them not to deliver. But you don’t have to have a box every week of the year. If you have a Dairy Crest milkman you can use the order form, which can be downloaded from the page at the link above. Simply mark it with your choice of box and then tick either, ‘This Week Only’, ‘Every Week’ or ‘Fortnightly’. Then you just leave your form for the milkman to pick up. You can order by web or phone, too.

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