Veg Box Review – February


• Bean sprouts • Broccoli • Brussel tops • Cabbage • Carrots • Cauliflower • Cooked beetroot • Greens
• Jerusalem artichoke • Onions • Potatoes • Red onions • Swede


My veg arrives each Saturday morning in a cardboard box. It feels a shame to put these in the recycling when they could be used again, but there’s no information on Dairy Crest’s website or newsletters about taking them back for reuse. I will have to investigate . . .


In each box there’s a newsletter. The newsletter includes a bit about the growing season and then features a couple of fruit or veg. The one I’m holding talks about broccoli and gives a recipe for Broccoli and Peanut Butter Soup. That doesn’t sound that appealing to me, but you never know ’til you’ve tried it. There’s also some history, nutrition info and a recipe for avocados. Ooh, I wish I had an avocado in my box, but it looks like they just appear in the salad boxes. I know this because on the backside of the newsletter it shows you what they are planning to put in their boxes next week. Looks like I could be in for swede again. Oh no! I don’t think I will ever get the taste for swede.


This month I had my first-ever taste of Jerusalem artichoke. Apparently my dad loves these – and he also loves swede. I definitely didn’t inherit those tastebuds! I wish my parents lived closer because I would have happily handed them over. I don’t mind having the odd thing in the box that I don’t like. I just keep trying to cook them in different ways until I do like them. Though I think in the case of swede this is wishful thinking.


I like the idea of eating with the seasons and seasonal food is exactly what you get with veg boxes. Food in season is tastier, more nutritious and probably hasn’t travelled so far to get to you. It also helps to support local farmers. When you’re in the supermarket it’s difficult to tell what the seasonal UK food is. Everything looks ripe and ready to eat. At first glance you can’t tell what’s been forced in hot houses or transported thousands of miles. Having said this, after two months I am looking forward to a few more different things appearing in the box. I’m ready for spring.

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