Places to Find Good Recipes Online


• Waitrose
This is a very well designed recipe finder. Just put your main ingredient in the search field and it will come up with a list of recipes and pictures so you know what to expect of the final result. In the advanced recipe finder you can choose by keyword, main ingredient, course, cooking time and preparation time. There are also 11 tick boxes, which cover different diets and allergies from vegan to diabetic to nut free. When you find recipes you like you can save them in your own online cookbook and print them out in a choice of formats. Obviously this site is connected to the store but unlike some brands, they don’t do that annoying thing of preceding the ingredients with their name.

• RecipeZaar
RecipeZaar is an American site so you’ll find a lot of references to ‘cups’ in their recipes. On this site you can also keep an online cookbook and there are a range of handy search options. Just type your ingredient in the search field or browse by course, ingredient, cuisine, diet, occasion or preparation. The recipes are posted by members of the site and include tips and comments among the members highlighting any problems or further ideas for the recipes. You can also email questions to the authors of the posts.

• Abel & Cole
Abel & Cole, the organic delivery people, have a clear and simple recipe selector. Choose from the alphabetical list of foods and scroll the recipes that come up.

My Favourite Books

• Matthew Drennan’s Simply Sensational Soup
The recipes in this book are easy to understand and have superb accompanying photographs. There are 75 soups from all around the world from Ireland and France to Greece, Mexico and Japan, and soups that are cold, hot, meat, fish and vegetarian. My favourites include Roasted Aubergine and Courgette Soup, Cauliflower and Broccoli Soup with Cheddar Cheese Croûtes, and Asparagus and Pea Soup with Parmesan Cheese. There are also great side dishes and snacks, including pumpkin crisps, rosemary scones, goat’s cheese crostini and moules marinière. My favourite recipe book by far.

• Michael Van Stratten’s Superjuice
I’ve had this book for years and I love it. If you need a vitamin boost, have surplus ingredients to use up or just fancy a juice, this book is very handy. There’s over 100 recipes sorted into eight chapters, including Cleansing Juices, Aphrodisiac Juices, Protective Juices, Booze Juices, and Shakes and Smoothies. Each juice is introduced with information on its healing properties and comes with a ‘vital statistics’ panel breaking down all the nutrients. At the back you can choose juices by your symptoms, and a detox juice diet is also included.


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