All Hail the Red Pepper – Gorgeous Stuffed Peppers

Red PepperThe red pepper . . . what a creature of gorgeousness. Oh, I’m in rapture. I’ve just stuffed and roasted a red pepper for the first-time ever and only contented grunting sounds can describe how darn good it was!

My Mum used to make a great stuffed pepper back in the day and the taste of this gem brought back lovely memories.

How to Make Stuffed Peppers

If you haven’t roasted a pepper before, here’s the drill:

• Slice top to bottom, including the green sticky-outy bit, and scrape out all the seeds and white bits inside. Alternatively just slice the top off to use as a lid and keep the ‘bell’ intact (that’s what Mum used to do and, to be honest, cut in halves it didn’t hold the stuffing so well, but that’s what all the recipes were saying to do).

• Paint the pepper inside and out with olive oil and season

• Place cut sides down on a tin or baking sheet of some sort and put it in the oven at 170ºC for about 10 minutes then take it out and let it cool

• In the meantime work on your stuffing

• Stuff your pepper and pop back in the oven for about 20 minutes, this time covered with foil

My stuffing was made up of what I fancied at the time, which happened to be onion, mushrooms, cabbage, raisins, sesame seeds, gruyère cheese and risotto rice – the stickiest rice I could find to gum it all together. Yummmmmmm!

When roasted, the pepper takes on a totally different taste to the one it has when eaten raw and it’s mighty tasty. Now I will pray to the god of veg boxes, “Please let more of these heavenly things grace my box soon”.

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