Eat a Rainbow For the Best Range of Nutrients

‘Eat a rainbow’ is a phrase that is becoming more and more used these days, but other than the obvious visual differences, what does this actually mean?

The Magic is in the Colours

Much like different pigments make up different colours in art, different nutrients and phytochemicals, give fruits and veg different colours in nature. To get the benefits of the nutrients available you need to eat a selection of fruits and veg from across the colours of the rainbow. Just think ‘colour’ when you’re shopping in the produce aisle and see how your basket looks.

What Are Phytochemicals?

Now, we’ve all heard of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, but what are these things called phytochemicals?

Phytochemicals are biologically active compounds that are found in natural foods such as fruit and veg. Although these are not technically classed as nutrients, phytochemicals can have a wonderfully restorative effect on the body, for example, they can boost the immune system to help us keep on top form, and they can help to balance our hormones.

One of the most important aspects of phytochemicals is their antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help to soak up the negative effects of free radicals and oxidants such as smoke and pollution – the things that can cause our cells to age and encourage disease.

The Benefits of Veg Box Veg

With a veg box scheme, not only are you eating vegetables regularly, but you are also getting a range of nutrients and phytochemicals thanks to the different varieties that turn up in your box each week. Not only that, because the veg is organic and fresh from the farm you are getting the best from it. It hasn’t absorbed chemicals, it hasn’t been packaged in plastic and it hasn’t been sitting around in transport vans for days.

To get the best from veg you need to eat it as fresh as possible because as soon as it is picked it starts to lose its nutrients.


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