How to Freeze Runner Beans

I’m back from a freeze on my blog, which was mainly due to the fact that my veg boxes were all becoming rather similar. But I’m delighted to report that this has now changed. The other week I received a lovely bunch of runner beans for the first time, which brought back some of my happiest memories from childhood.

Back when my parents used part of their garden for vegetables, runnerbean tepees were a regular sight. The beans seemed to grow like the clappers and every day my parents would disappear down a tunnel of bamboo canes to pick out the latest finds among the curling fronds and delicate red flowers. Mum and I then sat on the step with a mountain of beans, trimming the edges and cutting them at an angle into elongated diamonds.

So I was delighted to find runner beans in my veg box, and true to form, they appeared in the box for three weeks in a row. Now, there’s only so many beans a girl can eat, so for the first time in my veg box venture, I decided to try my hand at freezing.

I trimmed the edges from my runner beans and cut them into diamonds just like I remembered, then put them in a freezer bag, which went straight into the freezer box. Very happy with myself I called Mum, only to discover that there’s a bit more to freezing than that!

Here’s the ‘Proper’ Way to Freeze Runner Beans

• Wash your runner beans in cold water
• Trim off the edges, top and tail, with a knife
• Cut the beans to your preferred size and shape
• Blanch your beans by dropping them into boiling water and boiling them for 3 minutes
• Drain in a colander or sieve and run them under cold water for a minute
• Shake the water off and dry the beans on kitchen paper or a clean tea towel
• Put your beans in a freezer bag and seal – try to get rid of as much air in the bag as possible
• Write the date on the bag – runner beans will keep for around 3 months in a freezer

Well . . . now I know what to do next time!

Here I remember the runner bean slicer of my yesteryear . . .


8 thoughts on “How to Freeze Runner Beans

  1. I find that runner beans are the one vegatable that are better not to blanch when freezing.This way they are nearer to fresh and not soggy.

    1. Thanks, Harold! Hopefully I will have time to write more when my nutrition course finishes in a couple of months time. Good luck with your new blog. 😀

  2. instead of boiling the beans or other veg before freezing has anyone tried steaming for the same time instead? It seems to me this would take less water and be quicker

    1. I completely agree that steaming is far better than boiling because the veg (runner beans for example) are removed from the steamer not swimming in water and doesn’t remove too much of the goodness before freezing. You can quickly tip one batch out onto kitchen paper ready for the next lot saving time.

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