Plastic Packaging in a Veg Box . . . Why?

This week I open my veg box to reveal: • Potatoes • Cabbage • Onions
• Carrots • Sweeeeeeede • Sweetcorn
and • Mushrooms.

Any swede that enters my home gets escorted next door as quickly as possible, so as much as I hate them, I love them for their role in neighbour relations! And joy! For the first time my box has produced a punnet of normal mushrooms. I look forward to introducing them to some cloves of garlic later in the week.

However, I still can’t help cringing when any of my veggies arrive packaged in plastic. Not only were the mushrooms in a plastic punnet covered with cling film, but the potatoes have arrived in plastic bags for several weeks.

The potatoes used to come in paper bags with no labels. My only guess is that these potatoes have travelled further and have had to be sealed and labelled to prove the origin of the contents, but I’m not convinced.

I look forward to my veg box provider finding new solutions that don’t involve plastic bags, punnets and cling film. It doesn’t seem right for veg boxes to contain this sort of packaging.

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