Swede – Once More Unto the Breach

This week’s seasonal veggies are:
• Sweetcorn • Potatoes • Cabbage • Onions • Mushrooms • Carrots • Swede

Now, it seems to me that each week these swede fellas are getting smaller. This one fits snuggly into the palm of my hand not unlike the wooden balls you throw at a coconut shy – or as I remember, at the china-smashing stand at my first school’s fete. I’ve decided that, as this swede is not scarily huge, I reckon I should give it another go. Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more . . .

I haven’t done a box shot for while, but you’ll notice from this one that these days the cardboard veg boxes are a lot smaller and easier to re-use or recycle – yay! I’m not pleased to say that this week the mushrooms, the potatoes and the carrots have all arrived in plastic. BIG boooo!

(Once more unto the breach is from Shakespeare’s Henry V, Act III, 1599. There’s interesting info on that phrase here if it tickles your fancy.)

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