Musical Vegetables . . .

There are loads of vegetable videos on YouTube, but my favourite channel is from a fun Japanese guy who shows you how to make and play musical instruments! The channel is called ‘Heita3’ and of the 40-odd videos posted, over 25 are on vegetable musical instruments.

One of the videos introduces you to a range of Heita3’s musical instruments, further videos show you how to make the instruments and feature him and his family in solo and group performances. It’s brilliant stuff! And a lot of people must think so, too, because to date, Heita3 has 10,598 subscribers to his channel.

You can find my favourite Heita3 videos on the Vegging Out ‘Vodpod’ in the panel on the right.

Check out my Vodpod or click here for Heita3’s YouTube Channel.


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