Calling All Swede (or Rutabaga) Lovers and Haters

If you are a swede lover, I would love to know. I want to know what you love about swede and how you like to cook it. Please write in the comment section below. And if you are a swede hater, tell me what you hate about it and how you’ve tried it, too.

I have been having a veg-box delivery every week now since the middle of January and one of the vegetables I’ve seen most of is swede. Since I made a pact that I would try to eat everything that arrives in the veg box, every swede I get is a fresh battle. The battle is to try to find something to like about it as swede is not a friend to my tastebuds.

I’ve cooked my swede in different ways – in a root veg gratin, in mash and in an apple dish – but I still don’t like it. And it’s rare for me not to like a food.

So, swede lovers, I challenge you to convert me! The gauntlet is down.

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One thought on “Calling All Swede (or Rutabaga) Lovers and Haters

  1. Came across it ca. 15 yrs. ago. Put it into veg soups and gravies together with carrots etc. Gives great taste. In the mean time I even put it into mixed veggies. Love it.
    Regards, Bridget

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