Cabbage and Fennel Soup

Looking for the cabbage soup diet? Go here.

This week’s veggies are: • Potatoes • Sweetcorn • Carrots • Onions • CabbageFennel • And *sigh* swede

There’s a bit of a little ‘n large scenario with the veg box this week. The huge cabbage has come straight from the Land of the Giants, while the teeny fennel was surely grown by The Borrowers.

Whilst the fridge is being taken over by cabbages, the cupboard is overrun with onions, so it looks like it will be a week of cabbage soup! I wonder what cabbage soup tastes like with a hint of fennel? Sounds like it should work . . . I’ll let you know.

Yes, that works! In true Vegging Out style, the soup was thrown together from what I had around.

I used half a cabbage from the Land of the Giants, the fennel and three onions from The Borrowers, a handful of frozen peas, two cloves of garlic, one pint of veg stock, some vegetable oil (just enough to start cooking the onions), salt and parmesan. I don’t normally use salt, but it does bring the flavour out. The fennel was very subtle you could hardly taste it, but I think it was a good mix.


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