Juicing Organic v Non-Organic

3 big mushrooms

Today the milkman delivered: • 5 potatoes • 4 raw beetroot • 3 huge mushrooms • 3 onions • 3 carrots • Fennel • Cabbage

The odd shapes and sizes of the beetroot remind me of the Evolution of Man diagram. But it doesn’t matter what they look like because this bunch is destined for the juicer.

I’m not fond of eating beetroot, but raw beetroot is one of my favourite ingredients for juicing. It makes a gorgeous purple juice, but be warned, after drinking it you will be peeing purple the next day!
beetroot evolution

Juicing Beetroot

Juicing brings out the natural sweetness of beetroot, especially when mixed with other sweet fruit or veg such as apples and carrots.

The book Super Juice by Michael van Straten has ten recipes using beetroot. I’m going to choose the simplest one, ‘beet treat’, which will also use the carrots that are mounting up in the fridge.

Organic v Non-Organic

Because the vegetables in the veg boxes are organic and free from chemicals I will juice them whole. Most vegetables hold valuable nutrients in their skin, but non-organic vegetables can also store the chemicals of farming in their skin.

When juicing non-organic fruits and veg it is best to cut off the tops and tails, and peel the skins. We take in enough pollutants and chemicals from the environment and processed foods without adding to the toxic burden.

Since I wrote this, I’ve done a bit of juicing and have another tip.

The more veg you juice with the skin on, the more pith will get in the juice (depending on the type of juicer you have). My juicer is pretty good (you can find the latest version of it here), but after juicing seven items all with the skin on there was still quite a bit of pith.

My suggestion is to peel/slice off the thickest, roughest bits of skin so you get a smoother juice. Also, to get the best quantity of juice, use veg that is as fresh as possible. Older veg give less juice.

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