Size Does Matter – These Veg Boxes Are Definitely Shrinking


The veg of the week are: • Cabbage • Beetroot • Carrots • Sweetcorn
Parsnip • Courgette • Potatoes

Lonely Veg

It’s always good to have something different in the veg box and this week’s ‘something different’ is a lonesome parsnip and a lonesome courgette. Neither are particularly sizable and they were in too much of a sorry state to be photographed.

Separated in the box by a small bag of spuds and two cobs of sweetcorn, they couldn’t even enjoy companionship on the journey to my doorstep. The lonely nature of these vegetables draw attention to something I’ve noticed over the past few months.

Size Does Matter

When I started getting the boxes, they contained eight types of veg, each of good size and quantity. Over the last few months, I have been getting seven types of veg of random size and quantity. As my year of veg boxes is a competition prize, I’m not complaining, but if I was paying for the boxes I would be quite peeved.

Don’t Blame it on the Season

I understand that different seasons bring different quality and quantity of veg, but in the earlier months of my veg-box year, any shortfall was made up with things you can grow anytime, anywhere, such as boxes of beans sprouts and more recently, the Living Salad.

What I don’t understand is why the supplier hasn’t said anything. They put a newsletter inside each box after all so there it wouldn’t cost them any more to communicate any issues.

I guess that this is one of the issues with a veg-box scheme where you don’t get to choose the contents. I do like the randomness of these boxes as you get to try things that maybe you wouldn’t normally. However, if I chose the contents, it’s likely that I would stick with the same things all the time, which can get boring and limit nutrients. There are plenty of other schemes that will give you choices of veg that are in stock, so you should always get a fair quantity that way. Well . . . that’s the theory.

Food For Thought

As I get nearer to the end of my veg-box year (which should finish mid-January) it will be interesting to see what happens and how this affects my decision on where to buy veg in the future.

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