Potato Varieties and Nutrition

Week 47OK, so this week we have: • Potatoes • Cabbage • 7 small raw beetroot
• 3 carrots • 2 parsnips • 1 courgette • 1 red pepper

Potato Varieties

The label on the bag of potatoes tells me that these are locally grown white potatoes called ‘Madeleine’. While I was searching for information on this variety (couldn’t find anything), I discovered a handy chart on the Potato Council website for matching potato varieties to a range of cooking methods.

Click here to find the best varieties for boiling, mashing and roasting, and for salads, jacket potatoes, chips, potato wedges and dauphinoise.

What Nutrients are in Potatoes?

The Potato Council nutrition page shows that potatoes are a good source of: • Vitamin C • Vitamin B1 • Vitamin B6 • Folic acid • Iron and • Potassium.

What’s more, they have higher levels of these nutrients than both rice and pasta, and contain less calories if you are eating them boiled.

2008 is the International Year of the Potato

From the Potato Council website I also discover that 2008 is the International Year of the Potato. Click here for the official IYP website where you are sure to find everything you wanted to know about potatoes but were afraid to ask!

There’s still time to catch a few of the scheduled IYP events, including the Potato Exhibition in Rome (6 Dec–9 Jan 09), the Potato Festival in Russia (10–11 Dec) and the World Potato Congress in New Zealand (22–25 march 09).

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