Return of the Turnip – and Some Very Muddy Parsnips

This week’s vegetable delights are: • Potatoes • Carrots • Cabbage • 3 turnips • 1 courgette • 3 very muddy parsnips • and a bag of spinach.

I’m relieved to see there is no swede, but with the root veg mounting, this could be a good week for a root veg gratin. It could also be a good week for a cabbage soup – with a twist. I struggle to get through so much cabbage on my own, so this way I can get through half of one in one go. The twist will be the kale left over from last week – that should give the soup a bit more muscle. I also plan to make it nice and garlicky, and maybe add some freshly chopped red chilli, too.

This week the parsnips were covered with so much earth they were almost totally black. Scrubbing them in the sink was like revealing a treasure from an archaeological dig. At the moment, when I open the cupboard where I have been storing my parsnips, I get an almost coconutty whiff. Fresh parsnips have the most amazing smell and for me that smell will always be associated with Christmas.

Right now that just reminds me of how unprepared for Christmas I am, so I’m off to write some lists!

Click here for 10 tasty parsnip recipes.


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