Broccoli – the Nutrient Powerhouse

BroccoliWhat Nutrients Are In Broccoli?

Broccoli is a nutritional heavyweight. It packs a punch of 19 nutrients. Eat one serving (one cup) and you will be downing excellent quantities of vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, folic acid and fibre.

Add to that, very good quantities of manganese, tryptophan, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, phosphorus, magnesium, protein and Omega 3. And good quantities of vitamin B5, iron, calcium, vitamin B1, vitamin B3, zinc and vitamin E. Wow!

Food vs Supplements

Now, if you look at this list and compare it with the average list of nutrients in a multivitamin tablet, it’s a good illustration of why, if you eat the right foods, there’s no need to supplement. And you’ll probably find that buying broccoli is a whole lot cheaper.

Quantity of nutrients is of course an issue. One cup of broccoli (according to The World’s Healthiest Foods) provides 205% of your daily needs of vitamin C, 194% of vitamin K and 45% of vitamin A. The rest of the nutrients range from between 23 and 3% of daily need. But, of course, you are not going to eat the broccoli on its own so any other natural foods you eat with it adds to your cache of nutrients.

Ways to Cook Broccoli to Boost Nutrients

Another thing to bear in mind is how you cook/eat your broccoli. You will get the most benefit from eating it raw and lose the least nutrients from steaming. If you choose to boil it, leave it in the water for only a couple of minutes so it’s still firm and a nice bright green – if you cut the pieces quite small, they cook really quickly. Broccoli can be lovely in stir fries, but again, cut the pieces small and fry for only a few minutes, preferably in olive oil.

A simple way to add extra vitamins, omega oils and phytochemicals to your broccoli – and great taste – is to serve it with your choice of chopped red chilli, raw garlic, almonds, coconut flakes, sesame seeds or sunflower seeds.


For 10 Tasty Broccoli Recipes click here.

You can get the lowdown on the quantity of nutrients in broccoli at The World’s Healthiest Foods.


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