Veg Boxes From the Milkman

I wasn’t sure if I was going to get a veg box this week, so I was surprised to spy a box on my doorstep. Inside I found: • Potatoes • Onions • Carrots • Parsnips • Cabbage • Broccoli and • Mandarins!

Choice Versus Being Random

I really do expect this to be the last box I will be getting as part of my prize. My year of veg boxes has been quite interesting. I will definitely miss my free veggies, especially as the credit crunch hits, but I am looking forward to choosing what I want each week.

The contents of my veg boxes, which have been delivered by the milkman, have been set by Dairy Crest. Although they included a leaflet with an indication of what might be in the next box, I never knew what would actually turn up each week.

Getting random vegetables, not chosen by you, can be a good way to try out something that perhaps you would never have tried. Because of these boxes I tried Jerusalem artichoke (OK), celeriac (nice), kohl rabi (OK), mooli (nice), fennel (nice), and Brussels tops (the jury’s out), and had for the first time in over 20 years, turnips (nice) and LOTS of swede (bleug!).

The Regulars

Each week did seem to bring certain regulars, not a week went by without potatoes or carrots, although for several weeks the carrots were white (another new one on me). I love trying new foods, but the white carrots didn’t really cut the mustard for me. They didn’t have that sweet carroty taste – if memory serves me, they didn’t really have much of a taste at all. Other regulars were cabbage and (unfortunately) swede.

Which brings me back to this week’s box. If I had my choice of regular vegetables my number one would be broccoli. I love the stuff. And there’s broccoli in this week’s box – YAY – but, it’s only the second time it’s appeared in a year. I suspect that in the next few weeks I will be eating broccoli with everything.

Deliveries From the Milkman

Another good thing about this box scheme is that (in the UK) it is helping to keep the tradition of the milkman alive.

In recent years so many of us have shunned the milk float in favour of buying our milk from a shop that milkmen were in danger of becoming an endangered species. Opening up their range of deliverables has helped to keep to them going – hurrah! And long may they continue.

If you want to find out what your local milkman delivers go to the Milk & More website and type your post code in the locator box.


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