Planting Seeds

seed packets

A couple of weeks ago I reclaimed some planting space in my small garden when a tree fell over due to the weight of snow. Excited at the prospect of growing some food, I headed to the garden centre and returned with packets of radish, carrot, lettuce and chive seeds in my grubby paws.

A New Attempt to Grow My Own

I haven’t had much luck with seeds in the past. I think I’ve gone wrong by planting the seeds too low and not watering them enough.

Determined to do the right thing this time, I got out some tools and started to break up the soil, only to unearth poop upon poop of cat excrement with fresh dollops of dog poop on top.

How disappointing – my tiny patch of land appears to be the local pet potty. My seeds will have no chance of survival if I put them in only to be dug up by poopers.

Remembering Not to Plant Too Low

Disheartened, I replanted some spiky plants that were overgrowing round the front into the potty area, and planted some seeds in the patches in between.

Remembering not to plant the seeds too low, I dragged the tip of a cane in the soil to form a little trench about half-an-inch deep, sprinkled in the seeds and covered them up.

‘Animals Like Soft Soil on Their Bottoms’

At this point I phoned my parents who suggested covering the seeded areas with twigs as ‘animals like soft soil on their bottoms’ and wouldn’t like the feeling of the twigs.

Twigs duly placed I got out the watering can and gave the seeds their first soak.

How Long Will the Seeds Take to Grow?

Now . . . I don’t have high hopes for my seeds at the moment. I will be so excited if they germinate and if they grow into anything edible it will be a miracle!

If anything grows, the radishes will be the first to appear. They take 3–6 weeks to grow. The lettuces may appear in 9–11 weeks and the carrots in 12–14 weeks.

I won’t be inviting anyone around for salad just yet, but keep your fingers crossed for me and watch this space!


6 thoughts on “Planting Seeds

  1. I can’t wait to be able to start growing veg, particularly salad greens and carrots. When my parents moved house about four years ago, the first spring in their new place came with the confusing realisation that there were carrots growing in *every* flowerbed. There were carrots everywhere, literally. I don’t think they bought carrots for the entire summer.

    The problem with carrots though is that they like very fine soil – first hint of a stone and they fork. A friend of mine used to grow carrots in a big terracotta pot filled with compost and that worked lovely – nice long straight carrots. Carrot fly is a real pain in the neck, though. Not sure how to deal with that – haven’t looked into it.

    Asparagus is something else I want to grown. Best I’ve ever had was fresh picked from Kev’s mum’s garden last June (and that was a bit late in the season, but still amazing stuff).

    Aaah, for a garden.

  2. Love the carrot story! To be honest, I don’t mind what shape my carrots are, if they grow at all I will celebrate. Like the idea of pots, but don’t have room for them – I will have to save that for when I have a proper garden. I hope you find a place with a garden soon – or one that’s near an allotment. They’re quite trendy these days.

  3. Hope your seeds germinated?!
    We had terrible trouble with our runner bean seeds last year, little white grubs in the soil were eating them.

    We had one last attempt by starting some seeds off indoors in small pots and had a small, but very tasty harvest. Better late than never!

    1. Hello. Well, I was very excited to see that my radishes have germinated and it looks like the lettuces are now germinating, too! Chives and carrots are yet to show their faces. The next miracle will be if any turn into anything I can eat. What a shame about your grubs – it seems that if it’s not one thing, it’s another thing with gardening. I think the carrots will be my most problematic crop. Starting the seeds off indoors sounds like a good idea, and pots would definitely solve my dog/cat poop problem! They are still finding the tiniest patches of earth to poop on. Hey ho! Good luck with your next crops.

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