10 Tasty Radish Recipes

Radishes are more versatile than most of us give them credit for. Granted, they are lovely in a fresh salad, but I think it’s time to give the radish a new image.

In anticipation of harvesting my first crop of radishes in a couple of weeks’ time, here are some recipes that make more use of these little red balls of fire.

From radish dips, sandwiches and chips to curries, tarts and a pasta dish, there are lots of things to try.


1• Citrus Radish Confit

A zesty, peppery relish you can add to any meal from bread and cheese to a lamb or fish dish. (From bbc.co.uk)

2• Radish and Sesame Noodle Salad

A simple to cook and tasty alternative to the usual salad with noodles and soy sauce. (From bbc.co.uk)

3• Dagmar’s Detox Salad

Ingredients, including parsley, pine nuts, apples and sesame seeds, make this a flavoursome, healthy lunch or side dish. (From bbcgoodfood.com)

4• Radish and Goat’s Cheese Raita

Serve chilled with hot and spicy dishes or use as a dip for raw veggies, chips or crisps. (From Channel4.com)

5• Radish, Butter and Bread

Or in other words . . . radish sandwich! One from the ‘why didn’t I think of that before’ box. (From whatscookingamerica.net)

6• Shaved Fennel, Radish and Grapefruit Salad

If you love strong flavours and food that’s fresh and clean on the palate, try this salad. Ideal as a garnish for fish. (From epicurious.com)

7• Baked Radish Chips

Spicy coated radish chips ready in 15 minutes. Eat them alone as a snack or as an accompaniment to a rice meal. (From caloriecount.about.com)

8• Radish Curry

Radishes sautéed with onions, garlic and chili, inspired by the Kerala style of cooking. (From Salt and Pepper)

9• Radish Tart

Creamy, cheesy, radishness, baked in a pastry base. (From en.wikibooks.org)

10• Mexican Coleslaw and Cool Mediterranean Pasta with Radish and Orange

A new twist on coleslaw with zingy salsa and a healthy pasta dish full of flavour. (From globalgourmet.com)

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