Train Your Brain and Feed the Hungry at the Same Time

free rice

The Free Rice website runs a series of free multiple-choice games, which are a fun way to pass a spare minute and give your brain a good workout. There’s no signing in and no joining up, you just go to the site, choose your subject and play. You can test anything from your vocabulary to world capitals, chemistry symbols, famous paintings, maths and languages.

You Play – They Eat

For each answer you get right, 10 grains of rice are donated to the hungry via the United Nation’s World Food Program. Ten grains of rice doesn’t sound a lot, but the grains soon mount up and the more people that play, the bigger the donation – so spread the word!

25,000 a Day Die From Hunger

The rice is paid for by sponsors who have small, unobtrusive adverts on the site. It is sent to places in the world where people need it most. According to the UN, about 25,000 people die each day from hunger or hunger-related causes.

Perfect For Your Daily Coffee Break

Each time you click you make a difference even if you play for just two minutes a day. It’s a fun way to pass a few moments and, as you train your brain and improve your concentration and thinking skills, you’ll be feeding the world’s most vulnerable people, too.

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