Radish Seeds – 42 Days After Planting

Radish plants at 42 days

The last time I photographed the progress of my radish seeds was 13 days after planting. 29 days later, this is the result.

The seedlings pictured in the previous photo have gone to the great vegetable patch in the sky after being dug up by one of the animals in the neighbourhood. Luckily I planted two rows.

I have been so concerned with finding ways to discourage animals from the radish patch that I neglected the next crucial stage in seed growing – thinning the seedlings out.

My efforts on the animal-front seem to have been quite successful though.

How to Get Animals Off the Vegetable Patch

olbas oilFirst I put down some twigs, which worked fairly well, although some of the radishes still got dug up – and while less pooh appeared after that, I did notice a few poohs of both the fox and dog variety (the things you learn growing up in the country!).

My next plan of action was to put down some used, dried tea bags each with several drops of Olbas oil. I was given this tip by my mum who took it from a calendar.

I don’t think I’ve seen any excrement since I put the tea bags down. I do have to refresh the Olbas oil every now and then, but at around £2 from my local supermarket, this is cheaper than any ‘Dog Away’ type products you can get in the garden centre – and hopefully it’s more gentle on the ground.

Since I took this photo, I have thinned out the weedier plants to give the stronger ones more space to grow – I hope it’s not too late . . .


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