Vegging Out’s Easter Weekend Guide

Purple Sprouting BroccoliEAT

Purple sprouting broccoli

WHY: Purple sprouting broccoli has a fairly short season in the UK from around mid February to mid April. It’s tasty, colourful and full of nutrients. Get it now, while you can!

HOW: Try one of these recipes:

FOR MORE INFO: Check out this interesting blog post about growing purple sprouting broccoli.


According to the website Garden Organic, now is a good time . . .

TO SOW: Broad beans, early carrots, parsnips, peas, radishes, and turnips.

TO PLANT: Asparagus, onion sets, potatoes, shallots, and Jerusalem artichokes.


A mason bee observation box

HOW: This short video from SolitaryBee shows you everything you need to know to make your mason bee observation box.

WHY: Although they only live for six weeks in their flying form, solitary bees are great for the garden, pollinating up to ten times more flowers than honey bees. The observation boxes are cheap and easy to make with just a few tools.

WHEN: As soon as possible! Their short season is starting around now.

FOR MORE INFO: Check out the Solitary Bees blog.


Thanet Easter Beer Festival

  • WHERE: Winter Gardens, Margate, England
  • WHEN: 2–3 April
  • WHY: If you’re a beer lover you’ll find a huge selection of real ales, ciders and perries as well as food and live music.

Scallop Festival

  • WHERE: Loguivy de la Mer, France
  • WHEN: 3–4 April
  • WHY: It’s a two-day gastronomic festival, including fishing trips and full-on feasts.

Bristol Slow Food Market

  • WHERE: Corn Street, Bristol, England
  • WHEN: 4 April
  • WHY: Held on the first Sunday of every month, this regular ‘Slow Food’ market brings the together a wealth of local, seasonal and traditionally produced food and drink.

(Photo by mishimoto via Flickr)


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