Even Crafters Like Vegetables

On a lazy Sunday morning, one of my favourite websites to browse is the ever-growing UK crafters market, Folksy. For me, Folksy satisfies my urge to constantly find something new and creative. Plus, it’s full of fun and unique gift ideas at reasonable prices direct from the person who made it.

Art and Crafts on a Vegetable Theme

During my latest browse, I discovered numerous Folksy crafters who have taken on the humble theme of vegetables! Here are a few of my current veggie favourites.

The Botanical Concept

Canvas art Three Tomatoes I’m a fan of having food pictures on the kitchen wall so I was delighted to discover the work of Charlotte Linder.

Charlotte’s Folksy shop, The Botanical Concept, includes realistic images of vegetables, flowers and fruit, all featuring her original watercolour paintings.

Among her box canvas prints are ‘Three Brussels Sprouts’, ‘Parsley Pea Pods’ and my favourite, ‘Three Tomatoes’ (pictured).

If you order soon, you could get your hands on the limited-edition print, ‘Aubergines’.

Kate Broughton

Toadstools cotton tote bag

Kate Broughton has hit on a great idea for greetings cards.

Printed with her own illustrations on recycled card, her greetings come with a pack of seeds attached and instructions on how to grow them. The cards even come sealed in a compostable corn starch packet.

Great for children, or any beginner gardener, you can choose from Kate’s Carrot Seed Card, Broccoli Seed Card or Beetroot Seed Card.

And that’s not all! Kate also has something for fungi lovers! A funky felt mushroom brooch and a toadstools cotton tote bag (pictured).

Grandma’s Miniature Market

Grandma's Minature Market crate of veg

If there’s a dolls house fan in your family, they can fill their kitchen with fresh produce from Grandma’s Miniature Market.

Crafter, Shirley Chalkley, has created an extensive range of Fimo food for twelfth-scale (1/12) dolls houses of which any farm shop would be proud.

Shirley’s crate of mixed vegetables (pictured) reminded me of the veg boxes I used to have delivered when I started this blog. Her cauliflower trug, box of mushrooms and string of garlic also caught my eye.

One thing’s for sure – the dolls in Shirley’s dolls house are extremely well catered for.


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