Finally a Solution for Food Waste

At last, there’s something I can do about my food waste! I’ve considered Green Cones and Bokashi Bins in the past, but neither fits the bill for my home. Now finally my council has come up with a solution . . .

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Vegging Out’s Year of the Bee

Bees are crucial to many of our fruit and vegetable crops. Unfortunately the bee population has decreased dramatically over the last few years. That’s why I’m making 2010 Vegging Out’s Year of the Bee. Find out what I’m planning in this post and help The Bumblebee Conservation Trust with just one click.

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New Posts Coming Soon

Regular visitors to this blog will know that I haven’t been writing many new posts over the last couple of months. This is because, alongside my full-time job, I am also training to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and this has taken up a lot of my time. The good news is that my training […]

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