Honey Bee School


I have just discovered the Rowse Honey Bee School and wanted to pass it on for you bee fans out there!

Rowse – the famous honey peeps – have joined up with teachers to produce a series of fun-with-a-purpose resources to entertain and educate Key Stage 1-ers.

There are packs covering Science, Numeracy, Art, Music, History, Geography and Literacy. Each one is a free downloadable PDF that you can save to your computer.

And you can find them right here:
Download your Honey Bee School resources and have some fun!


Video… Save the Bees and Dance!

Two years ago I posted a dance video about bees that showed how bees do a special dance when they find a good source of nectar.

It was a brilliant, fun way to get people engaged with the plight of bees, created by the guys over at helpthehoneybees. And if you’re interested in learning more about saving bees, there’s a lot of great information on their website.

Here are two more of their funky bee dance videos. Stand up and get down for the bees!

Do the honey bee, do the honey bee, yeah!

Bees do disco!