Tomatoes and Lycopene

When it comes to ‘superfoods’, tomatoes are among the most accessible. But what is so special about the tomato? Find out all about tomatoes, their nutrients and protective abilities, including their anti-aging properties, plus how to eat them to get the most out of them.

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Potato Varieties and Nutrition

OK, so this week we have: • Potatoes • Cabbage • 7 small raw beetroot • 3 carrots • 2 parsnips • 1 courgette • 1 red pepper Potato Varieties The label on the bag of potatoes tells me that these are locally grown white potatoes called ‘Madeleine’. While I was searching for information on […]

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What’s In a Mushroom?

Last night I ate half the punnet of mushrooms in a quinoa mix. I put the quinoa on to simmer then diced the mushrooms and fried them in butter with garlic. When the quinoa was done I mixed in the mushrooms then added a chopped chilli and cubes of avocado. In my usual style, it […]

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