Video… Save the Bees and Dance!

Two years ago I posted a dance video about bees that showed how bees do a special dance when they find a good source of nectar.

It was a brilliant, fun way to get people engaged with the plight of bees, created by the guys over at helpthehoneybees. And if you’re interested in learning more about saving bees, there’s a lot of great information on their website.

Here are two more of their funky bee dance videos. Stand up and get down for the bees!

Do the honey bee, do the honey bee, yeah!

Bees do disco!


VIDEO… Bees Dance When They Find Nectar

When bees find a good source of nectar they return to the hive and perform a unique dance for their hive mates.

This fun, 2-minute dance video (from uses music and choreography inspired by bees . . .

Video… Radish Seeds Sprouting (time-lapse video)

Radish seedlings

It’s amazing how fast radishes grow. This YouTube video brilliantly captures the germination and sprouting process. The camera was set to take one frame every 14 minutes, 24 seconds over 9 days.